Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tikettak stay on my windscreen, even in direct sunlight?
Yes it will. Tikettak's design has recently been upgraded with 3M VHB sticky pads. These pads withstand constant temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius and intermittent temperatures of up to 150 degrees. The sticky pad has been tested in hot conditions found inside car windscreens. It will not become unstuck due to heat and will remain in place, where you fixed it. 

How does it hold my parking permits and tickets?
Tikettak is a single piece of polycarbonate resin (plastic) which is injection moulded and very strong. When placed flat inside a car windscreen or similar glass surface its tiny feet at the base, held against the windscreen, create a slight pressure in the clip so that when a parking ticket or permit is inserted it is held tightly against the glass.

Are there car windscreens where Tikettak won't work?
Tikettak works in all car windscreen, no exceptions. However, It will not work where the glass surface is too curved. This will be because the clip has not been positioned in the most effective area (where the windscreen is flat) and the pressure of the clip against the windscreen is not enough to hold a ticket or parking permit since the glass "falls away" from the clip.

Where do I position my Tikettak?
This is down to personal preference. many customers place it in the bottom right corner of their windscreen so it's out of the line of sight; where it's flat; and where you can easily lean in the car to place the ticket. Some customers place the clip at the top of their windscreen. The clip can be placed on either side of the car and many customers do position the clip on the passenger side.

How easy Tikettak to fit?
Very easy. It will take you around 30 seconds in all. You first need to decide where you will place it and one you have decided then take the sticky pad backing-tape off. Place the clip flat against the windscreen and once you are happy with the position press it hard against the windscreen to fix it in place. NOTE that before you've pressed it hard against your windscreen you will be able to slightly reposition it since the adhesive will not have fully bonded to the glass.

How easily can I remove Tikettak?
Very easy. Even though it will stay stuck to your windscreen for years it is surprisingly easy to remove. To do this you just need to gently prise the sticky pad away from the windscreen and then pull the clip and pad away from the glass.

When removed, will Tikettak leave a sticky residue?
No. When you remove the clip and pad there will be no residue that is hard to remove. In fact the sticky pad should come off your glass in a single piece.

What does the postage cost include?
The post and packing cost includes all the materials and time for preparing and packing the clips ready for posting and all the materials used. All orders are sent in an A5 Jiffy padded bag, keeping the clips secure and protected from knocks.

Will you ship overseas?
Yes. You can do that from this website or from Amazon or eBay but if you have any special requests or large quantity orders then please email me here or use our contact form here.

Will you sell in bulk for vehicle fleets?
Yes. You can buy Tikettak in bulk direct from us and at greatly discounted unit costs, without the packaging card if you wish. Just drop me an email or use our contact form and tell me your requirements. Learn more

What is the delivery time for bulk orders?
Almost immediately since I have several thousand Tikettak clips in stock all the time.

Can the Tikettak.com logo be changed on the clip, say to a company brand or logo name or design?
Yes. The tool used for moulding the clip has an interchangeable block. If you would like your logo on the clip then this can be done quite quickly once we have your CAD logo design. Read more

Can Tikettak be made in different colours?
Yes. We can make it in any single colour. Read more