About us

BubbleFish Limited owns Tikettak and designs, manufactures and distributes the Tikettak clip from here in the UK.

Bubblefish Limited is a private limited company, incorporated in England and Wales, registration number 8151612
The Tikettak clip is a registered design with the UK government's Intellectual Property Office - Reg. No. 5002074
Bubblefish was incorporated in 2012 and is wholly owned and managed by Maxwell Segal. You can contact us here or call us on 07887 665400.
Bubblefish owns the injection moulding tool with which Tikettak is produced. The tool can easily be modified to incorporate company logos and strap-lines, if required. Manufacturing is done in Cheshire and runs can be in the thousands or even greater quantities for larger fleets. Read more
With Tikettak you can Prove You've Paid & Say Goodbye to That Sticky Mess Left on Your Windscreen.
Tikettak is easy to fit and it securely holds your parking ticket in place, leaving no sticky residue.It won't blow away or move and your ticket is clearly visible.

Tikettak can also be used to hold other card and paper such as advertising, visiting cards and flyers. TIkettak can also be used in and around your house or office, display notes or instructions to delivery services or to advise or deter callers. Easily change the notes over when needed. You can use it to hold virtually any paper or card.

Other uses for Tikettak
Tikettak is already used in dentist surgeries for holding patient information, launderettes for holding job tickets and in businesses to display insurance certificates and other company announcements.

Corporate purchases
I have designed and manufacture these clip holders here in the UK. If you wish to discuss a bulk purchase I can insert your logo etched in the clip instead of the tikettak logo and I can supply quantities in the thousands if required, within a very short timescale. Tikettak can be manufactured in any single colour too, if required. I can also supply Tikettak without the packaging for large order quantities and can reduce the bulk price accordingly. Please email me at info@tikettak.com or call us on +44(0)7887 665400 for any type of bulk purchase enquiry. Read more