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New car, new Tikettak - have used and given to family for years. Always fit for purpose.

Ansa, Amazon 1st January 2018

Its been a year since I have been using this product in my car, it's truly well made, superbly finished and an extremely useful item for any car. It still looks as good as new and has shown no signs of coloring, even the clear adhesive tape still looks crystal clear. It has been in use almost everyday for parking tickets and shows no signs of aging nor wear & tear. Fantastic quality product. Packing too was notch. Definitely recommend.

AB, Amazon 24th December 2017

Easy to apply and does exactly what I needed it to do. I have a number of parking permits for various locations and hate the idea of sticking things on my windscreen as it looks so messy. Whereas you can see this clip when it's not in use, it's only if you really look for it. Seems to have stayed put after a particularly hot Summer as well. Good value and will be getting another for the wife's car.

Carl D, Amazon 14th December 2017

These are immensely useful to place anything under which you want to leave visible on your windscreen, but particularly parking tickets of course. I have had one for years but bought more as gifts. They’re even made in England, which is brilliant! Never again have your tickets disappear behind the windscreen or blow on to the floor, and they’re virtually invisible so aren’t distracting when not in use. They stick firmly and then bend far enough to allow you to place a ticket underneath. Every vehicle should have one!

Rosie at the Cottage, Amazon 18th December 2017

It looks neat and tidy and much better than when i had the plastic wallet that was sagging and coming unstuck.

Contessa, Amazon 4th November 2017

Handy product. This has been in my windscreen for the last few months and there have been no issues with the sticky back grip or actual product melting in direct sunshine.

Cameron, Amazon 24th October 2017

Best things since sliced bread - brilliant idea - very neat design - does not fall off and does hold the parking ticket in place - highly recommended - everyone should have one!!"

Kay R.B. Amazon 23rd January 2017

I love this purchase. Its great not to have glue residue from parking tickets on my windsceeen. As I need to save parking tickets for income tax it has become a convenient holder for tickets. Instead of a disorderly mess all over my car!"

Amazon 22nd January 2017 

Like this product very much. It doesn't look very obtrusive when on the windscreen and so easy to put on. It keeps the ticket firmly in place without the worry of it flipping over when you shut the door.

Mrs S Amazon 19th January 2017


Friends laugh when I say this is the best money I ever spend on a car accessory... But then I bought them Tikettaks and now they love them too! The Tikettak works well in the extremes of summer and winter, and avoids the sticky residues on the windscreen that some of the pay & display ticket stickers leave behind, or the dreaded wind-swept battles in seaside carparks to get the ticket to stay on the dashboard. A great, simple little product.

Amazon customer, 6th January 2017.

Great little item- bought one for husbands car too. We used to have a Volvo estate with something like this and really missed it. One tip: clean inside of windscreen thoroughly before sticking the clip to it.

Amazon customer, 7th January 2017.

I had been looking for something like this for some time. Only a few car manufacturers actually fit similar items as standard, Volvo, Skoda are two that I know of. I have an Audi A6, my Wife a VW Golf, neither have these simple, cheap items fitted, so when I saw these advertised, especially at this price, I bought two, should've ordered more really. Within two days of submitting my order, they arrived. What can I say? Excellent piece of kit and top class service, if only everything you purchase online was as straightforward and as fast a delivery as this? So simple to attach, looks like its re-usable too. I would definitely recommend these to my friends. Well done, hope you go onto bigger things. Thank You Colin Nias,11th November

Great little article, bought several. Keeps not only permite/tickets etc on my windscreen but also use them in the house to keep notes/letters handy. Valerie Rothlisberger-Jones, 11th November

So simple. As all great ideas - this is genius. No more do I need to keep tape in the car. Having once been fined when a car park ticket had blown off the dashboard as I closed the car door (and so been on the floor unnoticed by the inspector) I had become obsessed with ensuring parking tickets were stuck down. But now I can get rid of the tape as I have this tiny simple clip on the windscreen! I have bought one for all my car driving friends for Christmas too. it's clear when stuck onto the window and barely noticeable...until you need it. I may also add one to the glass porch door so that I can easily leave notes for delivery men, the postman etc. Brilliant! TM, Amazon 4th November 2016

Fast delivery. Great products and as described. Hassle-free transaction. Almost immediate replies to queries. Would definitely use again. Thank you :-) Amazon, 13th September 2016

Simply brilliant idea at a good price. No longer have to check that parking ticket is still in place and the dreaded civil enforcement officers can't pounce and give one the expensive P C N s. Recommend everyone should get this ticket holder. Will advise all my friends to make a small investment to save them a lot of money and hassle. Amazon, August 2016

Tikettak works exactly as described and is very discreet when not in use. I am not keen on having anything in my windscreen which might obstruct my view or distract me whilst driving, so having the ability to position these to the side of my viewpoint and not in my eyeline is a real advantage for me. They are easy to apply and have stayed in place so far (approx 4 weeks since applying). They are of good quality and have been a good purchase overall. Definitely worth trying if you are in need of something to hold permits or passes in place instead of just placed on your dashboard. Amazon, May 2016


Excellent product. I had recently been issued with a flimsy parking ticket which, when I closed the door of my car, the air pressure blew the ticket into a minute gap between the dashboard facia and the windscreen. The Tikettak has solved the problem!. Highly recommended.  Amazon, April 2016


This is the best thing I've ever bought for the car - my windscreen was covered in sticky gunk from parking tickets but this simple unobtrusive gadget has put an end to that. The ticket is held firmly so no chance of ticket falling out and getting two of them for the price is a bargain. Amazon, May 2016


After a very windy day in Cornwall recently when two parking receipts disappeared off the dashboard and under a seat I bought a couple of these. Delivery was quick and the product is of a good quality. I am quite impressed. Amazon, April 2016


I bought this for my new car which does not have this sort of thing built in like my older Volvo. Primary use is to display a parking permit that I do not wish to stick to the screen and neither do I want it flying around the dash board etc. This little basic holder is effective. Installation is a simple, clean the area of the windscreen where you wish to stick this clip, stick the clip in place and its ready for use. Being transparent its an added bonus as you only see the item its holding. Amazon, April 2016


This is a fabulously clever, yet simple little device. I bought it to hold my disabled parking badge against the windscreen, and that's exactly what it does. Make sure the area you're going to attach it to is clean, choose the position, then peel off the red label and stick it to the screen. I would suggest pressing on the 'glued' part for a bit, then leaving it for a while to 'set' as it were. Obviously if it's only ever going to be used for pay-and-display paper tickets I wouldn't worry too much. It will hold heavier items in place though (eg an A6 plastic disabled badge, or a pass etc) without any difficulty. When you add to this the fact that it is small, clear plastic, was very inexpensive and arrived quickly, it's got to be 5 stars. Amazon, March 2016

Bought these after getting a parking fine as the warden allegedly couldn't clearly see the parking ticket. Fitted well on the screen and holds the tickets in a treat
February 2016


Bought this alongside the standard permit holders, so glad this product arrived first. Even with my huge hospital staff parking permit slided into it, the Tikettak holds it in place, not peeling off or falling off like other permit holders are prone to do due to the curved inner windowscreen. Plan to buy this for other family members, such a good purchase.

Roz, March 2016


This is my second pack purchase and I have bought single Tikettaks before too. We all keep changing cars so often - and sometimes when we park in London we need a passenger/kerbside one too! I'd rather keep buying a product I know is good and does the job so perfectly, than risk a different make. A splendid little product.

L. Hill, February 2016


Great for work permits and it genuinely is easy to install!
Lee, October 2015


Received the day after ordering, having owned several Volvos which have a similar clip as standard, I knew how useful this gadget is.
I purchased a similar item some years ago which fell off after a couple of months!
This is much better quality (made in UK) and looks as though it will last a long time, very pleased to see we can manufacture items like this.
Amazon customer, June 2105


Excellent product - if you need something to attach either a parking ticket or permit, this is perfect. Easy to install and does excactly as expected. Very good seller communication.
Amazon customer, May 2015



This is an incredibly cheap and effective way of dealing with he problem of dealing with loose car parking tickets - simply tuck those tickets behind the plastic strip and leave them where they will easily be seen.

Application of the device could not be easier - pull off with care the red strip covering the 'glue' side of the device and apply, in my view about 2.5 inches from the window edge is the best The red glue cover shows the best position for the device. Hold the strip in position for 20seconds os so to allow time for sticky strip to adhere -and away you go
A Jake, August 2014